Saturday 28 June 2014

Solid Edge Surfacing Intro

In this tutorial you learn :

  • How to model a Bottle using the surfacing capabilities of Solid Edge
  • How to create Extruded Surfaces
  • Offsetting surfaces
  • Trimming and stitching surfaces in Solid Edge
  • Thicken surfaces to make solids

    From its appearance, the bottle is creatable simply by a revolved protrusion.

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    The purpose here is getting familiar with aforesaid surfacing features in Solid Edge.





    Drawing the profile

    Start with the x-z plane and sketch a line.



    Extruded Surface

    Select the Extruded Surface   extrsurf   tool from the Surfacing toolbar.
    Click Select from Sketch   selskt   from the ribbon bar.
    Pick the line and Click accept   accept
    Click Symmetric Extent symext   and type 100 for the extrusion length.

    Click Finish on the ribbon bar.
    An extruded surface is created (see fig on right)



    Prepare to Trim

    Sketch a circle on the extruded surface as shown.



    The Surface

    Select the Trim Surface   trimsurf   tool from the Surfacing toolbar.

    Pick the Extruded Surface as the surface to trim.



    Trimming Curve

    Select the circle as the trimming curve.

    Click accept   accept[4]   on the ribbon bar.



    Which part to Remove

    Click to indicate which part of the surface to trim.

    See figure.



    Surface is Trimmed

    Click Finish on the ribbon bar.

    The surface is trimmed as shown.



    Extrude Again

    Select the Extruded Surface   extrsurf[4]   tool from the Surfacing toolbar.
    Click Select from Sketch   selskt[4]   from the ribbon bar.
    Pick the circle and click Accept   accept[6]




    Type 100 as height of extrusion and click above the plane.



    Offset Surface

    Select the Offset Surface   offsurf   tool from the Surfacing toolbar.

    Pick the bottom Surface.




    Type 100 as the distance to offset.

    Indicate the side to offset as shown in figure.



    Surface is Offsetted

    An offset surface is created.

    Click Finish on the ribbon bar.



    Trim Again

    Trim the offsetted surface using a circle.
    See figure.



    Extrude Again

    Create another extruded surface as shown.
    See figure.



    Stitch the Surfaces

    Select the Stitch Surface   stitchsu   tool from the Surfacing toolbar.

    Pick all four surfaces - 2 cylindrical and 2 flat circular.
    Click accept   accept[8].



    Do not Heal

    In the Stitched Surface Options dialog that appears, make sure that the Heal stitched surfaces is unchecked.

    Click Finish on the ribbon bar.



    Solid Body

    Stitching the four surfaces converts them into a solid body of zero thickness.



    Thicken the Solid Body

    Select the Thicken   thicken   tool from the Features toolbar.

    Pick the solid body.

    Indicate the direction to thicken as shown in figure.
    Click accept   accept[10]



    Thickened Solid Body

    The solid body is thickened.
    See Figure.



    Round the Sharp edges

    Optionally, round the sharp edges.
    See figure.




    The summary of all the above steps is as shown on the right.

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