Tuesday 28 January 2014

Solid Edge Surfacing: Gold Ring with Diamond Part1

This tutorial shows how to model a gold ring and the diamond as shown in image below:


A full index of Solid Edge surfacing tutorials on this blog is here.

• This tutorial and the steps illustrated herein are by no means claimed to be the best or the only way to create the given design.
• This tutorial is an attempt to introduce and demonstrate the awesome set of tools that Solid Edge has for curve creation and surface manipulation.

Begin with Sketching image in the Front (xz) plane.

Create an outline shape of the ring using just lines, arcs and circles.

The dimensions are approximately as shown.

Make sure the lines are tangential to the arcs/circles and the sketch segments are all connected.

Extrude image the sketch to get the overall form of the ring.

Create a Plane Parallel
image to the Right (yz) plane at some distance away from the extents of the earlier sketch.

In the new plane, create a sketch as shown using two arcs and two lines.

The white vertical line indicates the previous sketch.

Start Cutout image

Select the Select from Sketch and Single options.

Pick the two arcs and the line for the cutout profile and click
Accept image

Indicate the arrow towards the ring and click.

Specify the extents as Through All image and click again to complete the cutout.

This will form some sharp edges that will be dealt with later.
Sketch in the Front (yz) plane as shown in image.

The important dimensions have values approximately as illustrated.

Create a Cutout image using the sketch on the right as shown.

Use Pattern image to repeat the cutout on the other side.
Start the command and select the cutout feature from the EdgeBar.

You may need to turn ON Smart Pattern

Select the Top (xy) plane as reference plane.
Once in the sketcher mode, Include image one of the other reference planes and use the midpoint of the included line segment as the center for a Circular Pattern image 

The radius is not important but keep the count to 2

Create a another Cutout
image as highlighted in image besides using the other part of the sketch drawn earlier.


 image the new cutout on the other side as described previously.
This creates the ring's crown part which will hold the stone or diamond.

Create a circle in a plane parallel to the Top (xy) plane at a distance far enough from the ring.

Create a Cutout using the circle up to half the depth of the ring's crown and another smaller circular cutout as as shown to form the seat for the diamond. image
In the remaining steps apply Round image to various edges to leave no sharp edges on the ring.

The next part of the tutorials shows how to model the stone or diamond shape and also how to create new material/style to apply to the ring and the diamond.

Continued to Part 2...

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