Tuesday 7 January 2014

Surface Modeling - A Door Knob

In this tutorial you learn :

  • How to model a Door Knob using the new BlueSurf command of Solid Edge
  • How to use the BlueSurf command
  • Thicken surfaces to make solids
    It is assumed that you are familiar with the basics of Solid Edge Part modeling.
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    Visualize It - Front View

    Its important to first understand the shape of the door knob before modeling it.
    For this silhouette or driving curves prove useful.
    Identify the driving curves of the door knob — those curves that actually drive the finished shape of the surfaces.
    All you need to do on in the first few steps is read and understand.
    The top view of the door knob is as shown in figure.



    Drawing the profile - Front view

    Start with creating a sketch in the the x-y plane.
    Using the Curve  
    curvtool   tool, create the outline of the door knob.
    See figure.



    Front Side Curve

    Draw a circle in a plane parallel to the x-z plane (front plane) and passing through the end points of the top view curves.
    See figure.
    Connect the circle well to the end points of both the curves.



    Right Side Curve

    Draw an ellipse in a plane parallel to the y-z plane and passing through other end points of the top view curve.
    See figure.
    Connect the ellipse well to the end points of both the curves as shown in figure.



    The BlueSurf - First Curve

    Click the BlueSurf   bluesurf   tool on the surfacing toolbar.
    Select the circle on the left.



    The BlueSurf - Second Curve

    Then select the ellipse on the right.



    BlueSurf Appears

    Click accept accept   and then Preview.
    A BlueSurf spanning the two cross-sections along a straight line will be created as shown in figure.
    You need to guide the bluesurf along the two top view curves.



    Add a Guide Curve

    Still in the BlueSurf command,
    Click the Add Guide Curves
    guidcurv   button on the ribbon bar.
    Select the curve as shown and click accept



    BlueSurf changes Form - Curve 1

    The BlueSurf changes its form as shown in figure.



    Add Another Guide Curve

    Similarly, select the other curve as shown in figure.
    Click the accept
    accept[6] and then the   Preview button.
    Click the BlueSurf Options button on the ribbon bar.
    In the dialog box that appears, take the Standard Tab.
    Under End Capping, select Close ends. then OK.
    Click Finish.



    BlueSurf Created

    A BlueSurf, as shown in figure, is finally created .
    This surface spans the circle and the ellipse and is guided by the two curves.



    Surface to Solid

    Click the Thicken   thicken   tool on the Features toolbar.
    The Thicken tool is in the same flyout as the Thin Wall and Thin Region tools.
    Select the BlueSurf to thicken.
    Use a small value of 1 mm to thicken in any direction.



    Door Knob Ready

    Finally, add rounds to the circle and ellipse part for aesthetics, etc.
    Apply your favorite colors (brass, bronze, etc.) using the Part Painter.



    More Aesthetic

    From an even more aesthetic point of view, you can make one of the top view curves a little wavy.
    This will make the door knob conform to your fingers.



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