Monday 20 January 2014

Surface Modeling - A Hair Dryer Part 2 of 2

...continued from Part 1

Blower - More Cross-sections

In planes parallel to the y-z plane, create more cross sections for the blower.


Blower BlueSurf

Using the BlueSurf command again, create the blower using the cross sections as shown in figure.



Disjointed Surfaces

At this stage you have two disjointed surfaces.
And from the front view they appear as shown in figure.



Prepare to Project

In a plane parallel to the y-z plane, create two arcs as shown in figure.



Project Curves - Side View

From front view, the two arcs appear as shown.



Project Curve - Curve Step

Select the Project Curve projcurv   tool from the Surfacing toolbar.
Select the top curve created in last step as the curve to project.
Click accept   accept   on the ribbon bar.



Project Curve - Body Step

Select the blower surface as the surface to project on.



Project Curve - Direction Step

Point the arrow towards the blower surface and click.
Click Finish on the ribbon bar.



Project Curve - View It

If required, click the Visible and Hidden Edges shadtol2   tool on the Main toolbar to see the projected curve.



Trim Surface - Surface Step

Select the Trim Surface trimsurf   tool from the Surfacing toolbar.
Select the blower surface as the surface to trim.



Trim Surface - Curve Step

Select the projected curve as the trimming curve.
Click accept   accept[4]   on the ribbon bar.



Trim Surface - Side Step

Indicate the arrow away from the blower as the part to trim off.
See figure.



Surface Trimmed

The blower surface is trimmed as shown in figure.



Trim Handle

Similarly trim the top part of the handle using the lower arc.
See figure.



BlueSurf – Connection

Click the BlueSurf   bluesurf   tool on the surfacing toolbar.
Select the curve projected onto the blower .



The BlueSurf - Second Curve

Select the curve that trimmed the handle.



BlueSurf Appears

Click accept accept[6]   and then Preview.
A connecting BlueSurf will be created as shown in figure.



BlueSurf Front View

From the front view, the connecting BlueSurf appears as shown in figure.



Hair Dryer – Done

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