Sunday 9 March 2014

Solid Edge Crossword #001

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Work from memory to complete this Solid Edge crossword.

The real challenge lies in not referring Solid Edge or the Help documentation to guess the words.



3. Swept cutout whose section cannot be changed.
5. Enlarge views using two points, Alt+right drag.
9. Surface created with Rapid Blue Technology.
10. Rectangle dragged in Draft for selection.
12. Exchange one surface for another.
14. Enlarge or shrink objects in the sketcher.
17. File ‘that’ is required to run Solid Edge.
19. Elements drawn in sketcher for reference purpose only.
20. Ratio of location of the neutral line to the material thickness. Factor in Sheet Metal.
23. Blue clockwise going arrow on the quick access toolbar.
24. Extension of a Solid Edge importable file type from Dassault.
26. Creates a protrusion by connecting  multiple cross sections - says the tooltip.
28. Comes in 5 varieties - Minimum Distance, Surface Area, Variable, Sheet Metal and Custom.
29. Solid Edge importable file extension. ACIS.
30. Bill of Materials.
31.  Sketch element drawn between two points, plural.
32. A versatile dimension command.
34. A file type, STandard for the Exchange of Product, abbrev.
35. Document that provides default settings for new files.
36. Logical grouping of 2D elements on a drawing sheet primarily used for controlling display.
39. PathFinder context menu item. Make visible.
41. Mouse cursor changes to mouse and three dots on lingering over overlapping objects.
43. Type of weld, Create arcs between 2D elements.


1. Geometric relationship in sketcher with a square or cross as handle.
2. Planar base feature in Sheet Metal.
3. Name-and-value pairs of textual attributes in a Block.
4. Parallel copies in the sketcher.
6. Remove.
7. 3D section view.
8. Solid Edge file extension for drawings.
13. Callouts, balloons, leaders, etc.
16. Right Base Reference Plane.
18. Group hosts commands for adding images, hyperlinks, text profiles and objects to a sheet.
21. Insert solid color or patterns inside a closed boundary.
22. Typical operation after Copy or Cut.
24. Geometric relationship for two circles or arcs.
25. Parts meet Parts in this environment.
27. Finite Element Modeling And Postprocessing program in Solid Edge.
29. Elongate or contract 2D elements.
30. Cylindrical feature with stiffening ribs.
33. Product and Manufacturing Information.
36. In this mode a dimension value cannot be changed.
37. Mode of zooming in which the objects appear smaller than before.
38. Degrees of Freedom.
39. Solid Edge importable file type. Contains mostly triangle mesh data. Stereolithography.
40. Object Linking and Embedding.
42. 3.14159

Solution to this crossword is here.

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