Tuesday 22 July 2014

Surface Modeling - Fan Blades

In this tutorial you learn:

How to model a fan blades using the surfacing commands in Solid Edge:

  • How to use the Extrude Surface command
  • How to create an Intersection Curve
  • How to create a Bounded Surface
  • Thicken surfaces to make solids
    It is assumed that you are familiar with the basics of Solid Edge Part modeling.
  • t2501[4]

    Full index of Solid Edge surfacing tutorials on this blog is here.

    Create the hub
    Start with creating the hub for the blades.



    Drawing the profile - Top View
    Start with creating a sketch in the the x-y plane.
    See figure.


    Drawing the profile - Side View
    Using the Curve  
    curvtool[4]   tool, create a curve as shown in figure.


    Drawing the profile - Side View Plane
    This curve is in a plane parallel to the y-z plane as seen from top.
    See figure.


    Drawing the profile - Isometric View
    In isometric view, the curve looks as shown in figure.


    Extruded Surface
    Click the Extruded Surface  
    t0108[4]   tool on the Surfacing toolbar.
    Click Select from Sketch  
    selskt[4]   on the ribbon bar.
    Select the side view profile as shown.
    Click accept  
    accept[4]   on the ribbon bar.
    Specify the direction towards the hub and click to create the surface as shown in figure.


    Extruded Surface - Top View Profile
    Similarly, create another extruded surface from the top view profile.
    See figure.
    This time, click Symmetric Extent  
    symext[4]   on the ribbon bar.
    Specify the extent of the extruded surface as shown.
    Click Finish on the ribbon bar.


    Intersection Curve - Select Set 1
    Click the Intersection Curve
    intrcurv[4]   tool on the Surfacing toolbar.
    Select the side view curve as the select set 1.


    Intersection Curve - Select Set 2
    Select the top view curve as the select set 2.


    Intersection Curve - Done
    An intersection curve will be formed at the intersection of the two surfaces.


    The Bounded Surface
    Click the Bounded Surface
    bondsurf[4] command from the Surfacing toolbar.
    Select the four edges of the intersection curve.
    Click Finish on the ribbon bar.
    A surface will be formed from the four edges.
    Careful observation from different views will reveal that the blade is a twisted one and not flat.


    Surface to Solid
    Click the Thicken  
    thicken[4]   tool on the Features toolbar.
    The Thicken tool is in the same flyout as the Thin Wall and Thin Region tools.
    Select the bounded surface to thicken.
    Use a small value of 2 mm to thicken in any direction.
    Round off sharp edges and pattern the blade.


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