Monday 20 October 2014

Solid Edge Video Quick Tip #012

Ctrl+W is a popular shortcut for closing the current or open document in most programs for e.g. MS Office, etc.

Although Solid Edge has a Close command under the Application menu, the shortcut Ctrl+W is not assigned to the Close command.


This tip shows the steps so you enjoy using Ctrl+W for closing files in Solid Edge too.

Select the Customize button from the Customize menu on the title bar as shown in image below:


Alternatively, right-click on any button on the Ribbon and select Customize:


Then take the Keyboard tab followed by 'Commands not in the Ribbon' from the list above it and scroll down to Close as shown below:


Change the settings under each column as below:


This sets Ctrl+W as the shortcut for closing the currently open document.

The following video illustrates this:

( Solid Edge Video Quick Tip #012

An enhancement that I would like to see in Solid Edge would be to automatically display the shortcut in the menu or tool tip for a button which are user assigned.

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