Friday 7 November 2014

Making of PacEdge Part 01

Competing programs like SolidWorks and Inventor have the Pack and Go feature which creates a zip file of all parts and sub-assemblies beneath a given assembly.

This tutorial is part of the Solid Edge Maker Faire and takes you step-by-step through the coding process to build such a program from scratch for Solid Edge. Other tutorials in this series can be read here.

15 The source code and the program itself are both available at the end this tutorial.

This utility is by no means a substitute for the Revision manager but will only complement its rich features.

The interface for the Pack-n-Go program for Solid Edge called PacEdge looks as below:


PacEdge from Assembly: This lets user pick a Solid Edge assembly and then traverse through the depth of the assembly to the last level and gather all Part, Sheetmetal and Assembly documents.

PacEdge from Draft: This will scan a Draft document and gather all model (Part, Sheetmetal and Assembly) documents which have views created for in the various sheets. The PacEdge is created from these dependent files. So when the PacEdge is extracted on another machine, the views all appear correctly.

Parts and/or Sheetmetal PacEdge: This is a direct PacEdge of selected PAR and PSM files.


Include Draft: When checked, also tries to locate the Draft Documents for the Part, Assembly or Sheetmetal document and if found, includes them in the PacEdge.

PAR check box: When checked, includes Part files in the Part+Sheetmetal PacEdge.

PSM check box: When checked, includes Sheetmetal files in the Part+Sheetmetal PacEdge.

Add other files: Allows selecting any non-SE files like PDF, Excel and also existing zip files in the PacEdge.

Pick Files: When this option is selected, clicking the Part+Sheetmetal PacEdge button or the Other Files button displays a File Selection dialog.

Pick Folder: When this option is selected, clicking the ‘Part+Sheetmetal PacEdge’ button or the ‘Other Files’ button displays a Folder Selection dialog.

Sub-Folders check box: When checked, selects files from all folders and sub-folders beneath the user-selected folder.

Remove Files: Removes all selected files from the list of files.

TreeList: Displays all Solid Edge and non-SE files in a hierarchical grouped style in a collapsible listbox which is also a treeview with multiple columns.

Specify PacEdge File (Zip): Displays a standard file save dialog to specify a PacEdge i.e. a zip file.

Create PacEdge: Creates the zip file from all files under the Solid Edge and Other files nodes in the treelist.

Password: Provide an optional password to the PacEdge.

View: Displays the password.

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