Monday 8 December 2014

Solid Edge Video Quick Tip #015

When creating smooth curves, it is always desirable to start from or end with those closely resembling analytic curves like a circle or, arc or ellipse.


A quick way to create a smooth curve is to indeed draw an analytic element for e.g. a circle and then convert it to a freeform curve. The Convert to Curve 02 command does this in Solid Edge. Read a detailed tutorial on using this to create a hair dryer.

However, after converting an open analytic curve like arc to freeform, it cannot be closed since the Close Curve option (1 below) is not enabled, unlike the case of the circle in the aforementioned tutorial.


To overcome this, click the Add/Remove Points (2 above) button the Command bar and click anywhere gently on the arc.

The will add an additional point on the arc and also enable the Close curve option.

The following video illustrates this:

( Solid Edge Video Quick Tip #015

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