Friday 4 December 2015

Solid Edge Video Quick Tip #057

This tip is about using expressions and formulas in Solid Edge dimensions.

Dimension values in Solid Edge can accept mathematical expressions too. Solid Edge evaluates and assigns it to the dimension value.

Double-clicking displays a formula stripe on the ribbon bar. Here, you can include more advanced mathematical functions like LOG, ABS, FIX, INT, etc.  and trigonometric functions like SIN, COS, etc.

You can also reference other dimensions like in MS Excel by selecting them. Note the color of the text (Blue) and the dimension line (Red) which indicates it is a formula driven.

The following video illustrates this:


C l i c k  H e r e  t o  V i e w  F u l l - S c r e e n  V i d e o  o n  Y o u T u b e

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