Tuesday 9 January 2018

Solid Edge Video Quick Tip #064

Ever wondered where the Lofted Surface command has vanished especially after Solid Edge ST7 was released.

The Lofted Surface command is available but hidden.
You need to add it to the ribbon bar for the current theme.

Follow these steps:

1. Right click on any button on the ribbon bar.
2. From the menu that appears, select Customize the Ribbon...
3. In the Customize dialog, select All Commands from the Pull down list for "Choose Commands from"
4. All commands available in Solid Edge are listed alphabetically.
5. Scroll to and select Lofted Surface from the list.
6. DO NOT click the Add button just now.
7. First decide which position on the ribbon bar you wish to place the Lofted Surface command.
8. Accordingly, in the list on the right side, navigate to and select one of the buttons in the Surfacing tab, Surfaces group.
9. Now click the Add >> button.
10. The Lofted Surface command will be added just below the selected button in the right list.
11. Click OK and then Yes in the prompt to save changes to the current theme.
12. Navigate to the Surfacing Tab and the Surfaces group.

Lofted Surface should now be available.

The following video illustrates the steps:

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