Wednesday 10 January 2018

Solid Edge Video Quick Tip #067

This video tip shows how you can automatically dimension sketches as you draw them without having to explicitly use the Smart Dimension command.

When you draw a rectangle or circle, you have to enter dimensions, why go back and add that same dimension? It is possible to dimension the same way you built it.

Just seems a little weird to enter dimensions twice, right...? 
Build a rectangle, put in the dimensions required, and then go back and dimension those same lines.

The Tip: Solid Edge gladly supports this and you need to simply turn on a time-saver option called Auto-Dimension. This command is truly spectacular and here's a quick video.

[To view the video fullscreen, right click on the video - Copy URL - Paste in a new browser window]

Note that you can also set this option in the IntelliSketch dialog on the Sketching tab of the ribbon bar.


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