Thursday 11 January 2018

Solid Edge Video Quick Tip #071

This video tip is about exploding a sub-assembly as a single unit in the E.R.A. environment.

The E.R.A. environment is used for exploding assemblies in Solid Edge. By default you are not allowed to pick a sub-assembly to explode. You must explode one part at a time and this can become time consuming and cumbersome.

To overcome this problem:
  1. Select the sub-assembly in the path finder.
  2. Click Bind in the Modify group on the ribbon bar.
  3. This binds all parts of the sub-assembly together.
  4. Start the explode command and pick any part of the sub-assembly.
  5. The entire sub-assembly can now be picked as a single unit.
  6. Finally, select the sub-assembly again from the path finder and click un-bind from the ribbon.

The following video shows the steps in detail:
 Note: This video has a voice-over

[To view the video fullscreen, right click on the video - Copy URL - Paste in a new browser window]

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