Wednesday 24 January 2018

Solid Edge Video Quick Tip #073

This tip is about creating jogs in coordinate dimension overlapping view edges in Solid Edge.

When creating coordinate dimensions, the extension lines often appear very close to part edges. Sometimes, the extension lines may overlap part edges.

To rectify such situations, select the coordinate dimension, Keep the ALT key pressed and click on the extension line. This creates a jog on the extension line.

You can then move the jog, by simple mouse drag.

To create jogs automatically, change the setting in the Dimension style properties.
Open the Styles dialog and select Dimensions from the list.
Select the dimension style and click the Modify button.
Take the lines and coordinate tab.
In the coordinate area, enable automatic jogging.
Start the Automatic coordinate dimension command.

Jogs are now automatically created.
You can further adjust the jog distance and layout, using the handle points.

The following video shows the steps in detail:
 Note: This video has a voice-over

[To view the video fullscreen, right click on the video - Copy URL - Paste in a new browser window]

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