Monday 1 January 2018

Solid Edge Video Quick Tip #63

An easy way of showing a part as semi-transparent in Solid Edge, is to mark it as a reference, in its occurrence properties.
This is followed by creating drawing views of the assembly.
In the drawing view, the parts appear unshaded by default.
If not, then open the drawing view properties, and check this option.

This facility is however not available in the assembly.
So the most common technique for showing internal or hidden parts, is to show the covering part in an alternative position, like this printer lid.

The other various methods are assembly section views, displaying the assembly without the covering part, or using semi-transparent materials for covering parts.

But these are downright compromise with the assembly display.

Showing a part in a wireframe mode even when the assembly display mode is shaded involves creating a new face style and applying it to the covering part.

This is how...
On the View ribbon tab, click Styles.
In the styles dialog, select Face Styles from the list and click New.
Type in a name for the new face style, and select white glass as the base style.
On the Edges tab, set width to two, and the color to black.
On the Faces tab, set all colors to white, by dragging the sliders.
On the Appearance tab, set the opacity to zero.
Check off both options for shadows.
Click OK.

The new face style is listed in the Styles list.
To apply the new material, select the components, using the control key and from the list for face overrides, select the new material.
The parts are now displayed in wireframe, even when the display is shaded.

The following video illustrates this:
 Note: This video has a voice-over

[To view the video fullscreen, right click on the video - Copy URL - Paste in a new browser window]

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