Sunday 14 July 2019

GenDesign and Topology Optimization in Solid Edge 2020

Generative Design Introduction

Generative Design was introduced in Solid Edge ST10 where you can define a specific material, design space, permissible loads and constraints, and target weight and the topology optimization engine automagically computes the geometric solution.

Topology optimization determines the most efficient material distribution to meet the exact performance requirements of a part. It takes into consideration the given space allowed, load conditions of the part and maximum stresses allowed in the material.

It doesn’t matter if the model was created using sketch based features or synchronous or was even an imported IGES, STEP, ACIS or Parasolid file. The Generative Design tool in Solid Edge adds and removes the material between the design features to make the part optimally stiff and lightweight. It also smoothens and blends surfaces to minimize stress concentrations.

I had also written a detailed tutorial about the steps to be performed in Solid Edge to do a topology optimization study for a bicycle frame.

Solid Edge -  A Product Design Portfolio

Siemens PLM's mainstream application Solid Edge is no longer just a CAD program. It is a portfolio of products geared towards helping small enterprises to realize their digital transformation goals. 

The benefits of generative design range from lighter components to minimal downstream manufacturing material waste. Also, highly customized complex shapes can result, perfect for casting or today’s high-resolution additive manufacturing processes. With generative design, you can create the optimum design between weight and strength, tailored for desired manufacturing processes.

Where to Find More Information?

You can learn more about Solid Edge's next-generation technologies, and more specifically Generative Design on their page at:

The output of a generative design study is a mesh model and Solid Edge provides an entire gamut of complimentary tools like Convergent Modeling and powerful mesh modeling and editing tools alongside the BRep modeling features.

Download a Free eBook

You can also download an eBook about Generative Design and Topology Optimization from this link:


Generative Design and Topology Optimization continue to grow in capabilities and its adoption across various industry segments for its obvious benefits and the immense advantage it brings to companies over the competition.

Siemens is effectively leveraging its $10 billion in recent investments acquiring advanced technologies, delivering powerful functionality to small and mid-sized manufacturers via the Solid Edge brand. It is now possible for small enterprises to digitalize more of their product development processes with Solid Edge 2020.

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