Wednesday 15 January 2020

Solid Edge to VR in minutes using Data Streaming

The globally competitive environment in which corporations operate demands that stakeholders are able to cut their design review cycles, in half thereby making actual ideas exchange a greater proportion of the job. In such scenarios the ability of a VR software that can handle large datasets in a collaborative environment becomes key.
Handling large Solid Edge datasets is a cumbersome task that undergoes a tedious translation from one format to another before ultimately making it to the VR space. This results in wastage of valuable time and employee resources. 

A plethora of VR vendors claim to ease the process of Solid Edge to VR transition only to end up providing semi-automatic SE data authoring tools or processes. Exxar stands out from the pack by making this experience seamless. By using cutting-edge technologies like native Solid Edge data streaming, handling large datasets is now a one-click, single-minute process. This means you can potentially save millions in costly rework and time delays typically associated with handling large CAD datasets by using Exxar for your Solid Edge design reviews.
Read an in-depth article on how Solid Edge Data streaming to Vr is the new big thing:
Also, watch a video on the Exxar channel:

I strongly recommend giving Exxar a try by requesting a trial version from the blog.

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