Wednesday 22 January 2014

Solid Edge Surfacing: Perfume Flask Part1

In this tutorial, you learn how to model a thick wall perfume flask as shown in image below:


Full list of Solid Edge surfacing tutorials on this blog is here.

• This tutorial and the steps illustrated herein are by no means claimed to be the best or the only way to create the given design.
• This tutorial is an attempt to introduce and demonstrate the awesome set of tools that Solid Edge has for curve creation and surface manipulation.

Begin with Sketching image in the XY Plane.

Create a shape using arcs created by Arc by 3 Points image

Use Fillet image with values as shown.

Create a Parallel Plane image to the XY plane at a distance shown.

Create a sketch in the new plane as shown.
From Top View, the new sketch in red appears as shown.

Use similar technique to draw as the earlier sketch i.e. using 3 Point Arc and filleting the corners.
Create another plane parallel to the earlier plane at distance shown and draw a sketch as shown.

Though the sketch looks similar to the previous sketch, do not Include and Scale the earlier sketch. The proportions are different.
From Top view the third sketch looks as shown in image. image
Press Ctrl+R to view the sketches from right.

The sketches should be stacked approximately as shown in image besides.

Start sketching in the YZ Plane.

Select Curve image and start creating from either the top or the bottom curve end.

Hover the mouse over one of the ends of the sketches till the cursor changes to a Pierce Point.
Make sure Connect relationships are established at each point where the curve connects the sketches.

To insert more control points on the curve, select the curve and the Add/Remove Points image on the toolbar or Alt+Click on the curve after selecting it.

The curves now looks like as shown from an Isometric view.

Start creating a BlueSurf image 

Select the bottom sketch and then select the middle sketch at a point which does not deviate much vertically from the point where you select the bottom sketch.

This helps in creating smoother BlueSurfs.

If a point is selected farther on the second sketch, the BlueSurf formed might develop kinks or cusps or may look unacceptable as shown.
Initially the BlueSurf formed may appear as shown in image besides.

As long it appears smooth without any kinks, it is fine.
Still in the BlueSurf command, select the Guide Curve image step, and select the curve sketch and click Accept image.

The BlueSurf changes shape and conforms to the selected curve.

Select the other curve on the left and click Accept. Preview and Finish the BlueSurf command.

The Blue Surf has now taken the form as shown.

Create another BlueSurf using the middle and the upper sketch and the same guide curves as earlier.

Create a Plane parallel to YZ and draw a line as shown in the new plane.
Continued to Part 2...  

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