Wednesday 22 January 2014

Solid Edge Surfacing: Perfume Flask Part2

This is Part 2 of the tutorial where you learn to model a thick wall perfume flask as shown in image below:


Full list of Solid Edge surfacing tutorials on this blog is here.

...continued from Part 1.

From side view, the line appears inclined.

See image.

This line is used to slice or trim the upper part of the BlueSurf.

For this the Line should first be projected onto the BlueSurf.
Select Project Curve image and select the line.
Click Accept image_thumb78 or simply Right-Click.

Then select the BlueSurf. Again Accept or RMB.

Next step is to select the plane in which the line was drawn and then point the arrow towards the BlueSurf as shown.

Finish the command to get the line wrapped around half portion of the BlueSurf as seen.

Similarly cerate another plane parallel to YZ Plane and Include image the line from the earlier sketch.
Project the line onto the other side of the BlueSurf.

Click Derived Curve image and select the two projected curve to form a single curve to trim the BlueSurf.
Start Trim Surface image and select the upper BlueSurf and click Accept.

Select the derived curve in the next step and click Accept.

In the final step, point the red arrow upwards to remove the upper portion of the BlueSurf as shown.
Start Bounded Surface image and select the trimmed edges of the BlueSurf. See image.

Accept, Preview and Finish to create a surface patch that closes the open end of the BlueSurf.
Similarly, create bounded surfaces at the middle and bottom separately.

Note that the upper and lower BlueSurfs are the cap and the bottle parts of perfume flask.
Start Stitched Surface image and select the top and bottom caps and the upper BlueSurf.

Upon Accepting Solid Edge prompts 'The stitched surfaces resulted in a Solid Body'.

Similarly stitch the bottom BlueSurf.

Select Thicken
image and select the stitched set of surfaces
Specify a thickness of 5 in both sides.

Similarly thicken the lower part of the flask.
Using Part Painter image apply a clear or glass style to the top part and any color of your choice to the lower part.

Next create simple protrusions to create the dispenser part.

Apply Silver style to the top part of the dispenser.
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