Tuesday 25 February 2014

Solid Edge SheetMetal Workshop 10

Sheetmetal Strengthening Techniques

Step 1 :

In this tutorial you learn how to strengthen a sheetmetal part.
Open the Workshop6.psm sheetmetal file.
Get help from your lab instructor on how to open the file on your computer.
As you can see there is a sheetmetal part with a flange already prepared.
You want to strengthen the flange.


Step 2 :

Click the Bead clip_image004 command and select the front face of the flange.
Step 3 :

Create two diagonally crossing lines as shown below :


Step 4 :

Click Finish and indicate the direction away from the flange as shown below :


Step 5 :

Click to create the bead


This features gives added strength to the sheetmetal part so that the part may not buckle during handling, storage and in the final downstream product.

Summary of Workshop:

In this workshop you have learnt :
1 How to create a bead in a sheetmetal part.
2 How to strengthen a sheetmetal part.

[ End of WorkShop ]

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