Friday, 21 February 2014

Solid Edge SheetMetal Workshop 9

Step 5 :

Indicate the direction outwards from the front face of the flange as shown below :


Type 4 and press <Enter> on the Keyboard. This is the height of the louver.

Step 6 :

Click Finish to create the Louver.


Step 7 :

Next to create a pattern of louvers, click the Pattern clip_image006 command.

Select the Louver to make the pattern. The louver will highlight in red as shown below :


Press <Enter> or right mouse button.

Next, Click on the flange on which the louver is placed.

Step 8 :

Click the Rectangular Pattern clip_image010 command.

Create the rectangular pattern as shown below and change the Y-count to 6


Step 9 :

Click Finish to create the pattern of louvers.


Summary of Workshop

In this workshop you have learnt :

1 How to create a louver in a sheetmetal part.

2 How to make a pattern of louvers in sheetmetal parts.

[ End of WorkShop  ]

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