Friday 7 February 2014

Solid Edge SheetMetal Workshop 2

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SheetMetal in Solid Edge

Using Solid Edge you can model features in the Sheet Metal environment that are manufactured with metal deformation techniques, such as deep drawing and coining.
When parts are manufactured using deformation techniques, material thinning typically occurs. In Solid Edge, this material thinning is ignored and deformation features are constructed using the same material thickness specified for the model.

The SheetMetal Environment

Solid Edge has a separate sheet metal part modeling environment to better accommodate the unique requirements of sheet metal parts.

The Process - The sheet metal modeling process starts with a base feature which you build upon with additional features. The base feature can be a flat section or include one or more bends.
The added features can be flat sections, simple or complex flanges, and edge breaks such as chamfers and rounds. Feature commands available in the Part environment are also included, such as holes, cutouts, and feature patterning and mirroring commands.

When completed, the sheet metal part can be quickly flattened, using industry standard formulas or custom programs you define.


You will learn various sheetmetal techniques by way of the following six workshops :
WorkShop 1 : Creating a sheetmetal stock part with flanges
WorkShop 2 : Bending and deep drawing of sheetmetal part

WorkShop 3 : Funnel - Development of the cylindrical sheetmetal part
WorkShop 4 : Funnel - Development of the conical sheetmetal part
WorkShop 5 : Creating a pattern of louvers
WorkShop 6 : Sheetmetal Strengthening techniques

Workshop 1

Creating a sheetmetal stock part with flanges

Step 1 :

On the Windows Start Menu, select Start > Programs > Solid Edge > Sheetmetal


Step 2 :

This will open the The Solid Edge Sheetmetal Environment, with all the tools and commands.

The Solid Edge Sheetmetal Environment

Step 3 :

Click the Tab clip_image006 command and select the horizontal reference plane. The plane will highlight in Red color as shown below :


Step 4 :
Click the Rectangle clip_image010 command and press and drag the mouse to create a rectangle as shown below :



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