Thursday 8 May 2014

Industrial Robotics & Solid Edge 4

...from Part 3

Workshop: Simulating a Spray Paint Robotic Arm

Step 1 :

Open the SprayRoboticArm.asm file or create one as shown in image below.
Here you will find four parts :
  1. The fixed base
  2. The vertical Swivel Arm.
  3. The inclined Spray arm.
  4. Pin (at joints)
In this assembly, the vertical arm can swivel about a vertical axis.
And the Swivel arm and rotate at the pin joint.
The spray nozzle is at the free end of the swivel arm.
There is an angle constraint between the vertical arm and the base.
Also, there is an angle constraint between the vertical arm and the swivel arm.

Step 2 :

In Solid Edge, select Tools > Variables > Variables…
Right click anywhere in the variable table and select Edit Links from the menu.


In the Links dialog, select the Excel file and click the Open Source button.
See figure below :


Note : The path for the Excel file may appear different on different computers.

Step 3 :

Once the Excel sheet is open, you will see the table with values for the two angles as discussed in step one of this workshop.
Also, a graphical display of the angles is setup but this is not absolutely essential for the current workshop.

Switch to Solid Edge and proceed to create a sensor.

Step 4 :

As you have learnt in the earlier Workshop, a Sensor can keep track of different parameters of a part or assembly in Solid Edge.
In this workshop you will keep track of the distance of the spray nozzle from the base plate as the two angles change.
This way you will be able to calculate how far the paint is being sprayed when the operator changes rotates the two arms.
Click the Sensors tab on the Edge bar. See figure below :


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