Saturday 10 May 2014

Industrial Robotics & Solid Edge 5

...from Part 4

Step 5 :

On the Sensors tab click the Minimum Distance Sensor button.
See figure below :

Step 5 :

Click at two points as shown below.
The first point is at the base and the other is at the nozzle location.


Step 6 :

Observe the current distance and click Close on the Ribbon bar.

This brings up the Sensor Parameter dialog box.
Specify a name for the sensor.
Set a threshold value of 100 and range as 60-140
Also select operator as greater than.

Refer snapshot shown below :


Note that Solid Edge has sensed what you are trying to do and generates a description seen in the lower-left side of the dialog box.
Click OK.

The new sensor is added in the Sensor tab in the Edge bar.
Now since the nozzle distance is a direct function of the two angles, changing any of the angles from Excel will directly change the distance of the nozzle point from the base and the newly setup sensor will provide feedback in real time as to the distance has crossed the specified limit or not.

Step 7 :

Using the method discussed in the last workshop, tile the Solid Edge and Excel Windows vertically, so you can visualize the changes side-by-side.
Change the Angle 1 value in Excel. This will swivel the vertical arm about a vertical axis and this will change the distance of the nozzle point from the base and the sensor will update to display the changes.
Similarly, you can change the Angle 2 value and observe the effect on the nozzle distance.

Note : If required, you may have to right click on the Sensor and select Update in the menu to update the sensor.

Experiment with the setup and note you observations.
Try to plot a graph of the variation of the nozzle distance against Angle1 and Angle2 separately and as a compound effect.
Note that as soon as the critical threshold in the sensor is crossed, a red exclamation mark appears before the sensor and it disappears when the value is within the threshold limit.

Summary of Workshop 2

In this workshop you have learnt :
1. How to open links to an Excel table from Solid Edge.
2. How a Solid Edge assembly can be controlled from a Excel file with real time feedback.
3. How easy it is to setup, control and visualize in a Virtual Lab, an Industrial Robotic arm using Solid Edge.

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