Friday 1 August 2014

Surface Modeling - Mountain Bike Handlebar

In this tutorial you learn :


  • How to model a Mountain Bike Handlebar using surfacing commands in Solid Edge
  • How to use the cross-curve command
  • The use of swept surface
  • How to thicken surfaces to make solids
    It is assumed that you are familiar with the basics of Solid Edge Part modeling.

    Index of all Solid Edge surfacing tutorials on this blog is here.

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    Create Two Planes

    Start with creating two planes parallel to the y-z plane
    The distance between the planes is 50 (see figure)



    Drawing the profile - front view

    In the x-z plane, sketch the front view profile of the handlebar as shown in figure.
    Keep the profile between the two planes created in the earlier step.



    Profile - top view

    In the x-y plane, sketch the top view profile of the handlebar as shown in figure.
    Here, the overall dimension of 100 matches with the dimension in the front view profile, as shown in earlier step.
    Also make sure sure that the two profiles are vertically aligned.



    Cross Curve

    Select the Cross Curve command from the Surfacing toolbar as shown.



    First Curve

    Select the front view curve as the first curve.
    Click accept  
    accept   on the ribbon bar.



    Second Curve

    Select the top view curve as the second curve.
    Click accept  
    accept[4]   on the ribbon bar.



    Cross Curve

    Click Finish on the ribbon bar.
    Soon the cross curve is formed.
    The cross curve is neither in the top plane nor in the front plane.
    It travels in 3D space, giving us the desired path to create the handlebar.



    Normal Plane

    Create a plane normal to the new cross curve at one of its end.
    Use the Plane Normal to Curve command from the Features toolbar.



    Plane Created

    The new plane appears smaller in size than parallel created planes.
    Your figure should now look as shown.



    Sketch the profile

    Create a sketch (a circle) on the new plane and at the end of the cross curve.
    See figure.



    Extruded Surface

    Click the Swept Surface   swepsurf   tool on the Surfacing toolbar.
    Complete the extrusion of the circle along the cross curve



    Close Ends

    In the Swept Surface, click the Close Ends option on the ribbon bar.
    This ensures that the ends of the protrusion are capped or closed.



    Surface to Solid

    Click the Thicken   thicken   tool on the Features toolbar.

    The thicken command is on the Thin Wall fly out.

    Select the swept surface and thicken it by 2.

    Finally, round the end faces of the solid handlebar. (see figure)




    The figure on right shows the summary and sequence of all commands.


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