Friday 19 December 2014

Making of Solid Edge Screen Capture Part 3

...continued from part 2

The following two lines then copy the image contents to the Windows clipboard:


The Clipboard class comes from the System.Windows.Forms namespace.
The task is accomplished !!

Finally, inform the user that the view is on the clipboard and ask if the temporary JPEG needs to be viewed:




The model view is on clipboard too. Just paste it in your favorite image program.
To run this program from within Solid Edge, locate a good location for a button on the ribbon like this Clip group on the View tab:


1. Right click on the Set Planes button and select Customize the Ribbon..
2. In the customize dialog, from the right-side tree view, expand View > Clip and select the On button node as shown below:


3. From the list that says 'Choose commands from:', select Macros as shown below:


4.  At the bottom of the Customize dialog, click the Browse... button and pick the location where you placed the exe file downloaded from link down below on this page.
5. Pick the .exe file again from the list and click the Add>> button.


This adds the SESCapture.exe just below the On button.

6. On clicking the Add>> button, a dialog is displayed to pick an icon for the button if you are on SE ST 4 or below.


7. Click the Browse... button and pick the icon file for the button. You can copy this image iconsesc by right clicking on it and Save As... etc. according to your browser - you know best how to.

8. For SE ST 6 and above, simply place.the blue camera image in the same folder as the exe and further both exe and the image file should have the same file names. Solid Edge is smart enough to pick the image as the button icon.

23 For SE ST 6+, just place the .EXE and .PNG (or .BMP) in the same folders and both must have same file names.

9. While still in the Customize dialog, right-click the button node in the tree on the right side where it was added several times and and set the options to No Text, Large button and finally rename it to Capture or something more appropriate as below:


10. You may need to add it to all environments viz. Part, Assembly and Sheetmetal.
This utility does not work in Solid Edge Draft.


25 Download the source code files for the Solid Edge Capture Screen utility from here.

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