Saturday 14 February 2015

Solid Edge Video Quick Tip #018

You can insert parts into a Solid Edge assembly by direct drag-drop from the Parts Library. The library tab can be accessed from the panel docked on the left side of the screen.


The Parts library displays a Windows Explorer style file browser with just Solid Edge files.

To control which of the Solid Edge files are displayed in the Library, right-click in some empty white space and select 'file types' from the context menu.

This displays a dialog as below where you can check ON/OFF the desired file type.


An alternative method is to display all Solid Edge file type and list them by Details using the Views button on the mini-toolbar on the Parts Library panel:



Clicking the Type column header then sorts the files by type and you can easily navigate to the desired type as required.

The following video illustrates this:

( Solid Edge Video Quick Tip #018

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