Sunday 5 April 2015

Solid Edge Video Quick Tip # 030

When you're working with large assemblies, it can be tough to find certain parts.
In the assembly PathFinder, there is a long list of many parts and sub-assemblies.


If you click a part in the graphics, Solid Edge will find it in the assembly PathFinder and highlight it.

When you have a part in the assembly PathFinder, but you can't find it in the assembly, right click on the part and select the Zoom to. Solid Edge then zooms in on the part and highlights it.

The following video illustrates this:

C l i c k  H e r e  t o  V i e w  F u l l - S c r e e n  V i d e o  o n  Y o u T u b e

( Solid Edge Video Quick Tip #030

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