Monday 22 June 2015

Excel To Solid Edge Table

A utility for creating a table in Solid Edge Draft from a range of selected cells in Excel is available for download.
To use, keep Excel open, with a range or cells or table selected and also keep a Draft document open in Solid Edge.

Run the program, preferably from a button on the ribbon. A table is created at the origin of the Draft sheet which has the same contents as the selected cells in Excel.

A minimum of 2 x 2 range of cells should be selected in Excel before running the program.

Another use for the program is to create Draft table of the Variable Table from any Solid Edge document. To do this:
1. Open the variable table.
2. Drag with mouse or use the Shift key to pick the entire range of cells to copy.
3. Right Click on the selection and select Copy from the context menu that appears.
4. Paste the copied cells into Excel.
5. Keep the cells selected in Excel and switch to Solid Edge and in a Draft document, run the macro from a button on the ribbon. 

The variable table will be converted to a Draft Table in Solid Edge and appears at the origin of the current sheet.
Here's a small video of how the program functions.


25_thumb3_thumb_thumb_thumb Download the Excel to Solid Edge Table program here.

 Note:  This is a paid app. 

Write to for prices and a quote.

image After downloading the .PIZ file, change the extension to .ZIP, extract the .ZIP and again change the extension of the .EX_ to .EXE

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