Wednesday 29 July 2015

Sheet Names Table

A macro for creating a table on a Solid Edge drawing sheet is available. The table lists the sheet names in the drawing and consists of two columns:

  1. Sheet Number, and
  2. Sheet Name


You can run the macro from a ribbon button:


image Note: The Table is created at the origin.
Drag and place it where ever required on the sheet.

The image bitmap for the macro button is provided with the download. Place the program and the PNG file in the same folder so that the image is automatically applied to the ribbon button to which the macro is assigned in Solid Edge.

The following video illustrates the working of the macro:


25_thumb3_thumb_thumb_thumb Download the Sheet Names Table program from the last link on this page.

image_thumb7 Downloading and extract the .ZIP and change the extension of the .EX_ to .EXE

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