Sunday 26 November 2017

Solid Edge App: Text Search


The Text Search App can be used to search for text in a Draft document in Solid Edge.

Text Search can be called from a ribbon bar button and the word to search can be specified from a standard search dialog commonly found in text editors and word processors.


1. Specify the single word or multiple words with spaces to search.

2. Select various options like:
  • Match Case
  • Search Working Sheets
  • Search Background Sheets
  • Search 2D Model Sheet
  • Search Balloons and Callouts

3. Click the Find button.

4. Then click the Find Next button repeatedly.

 The video below illustrates the working of the Text Search App for Solid Edge:

image After downloading the .PIZ file, change the extension to .ZIP, extract the .ZIP and again change the extension of the .EX_ to .EXE

Read how you can run the Text Search app from a ribbon button as shown in the video above.

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