Friday 1 December 2017

Adding An App To The Radial Menu

To add an app to the Solid Edge Radial menu, follow these steps:

1. Right click on any button on the Ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon... from the context menu that appears.

Or, from the Solid Edge title bar, click the Customize button which appears as a small arrow pointing down and select Customize... from the menu.

2. In the Customize dialog take the “Radial Menu” tab as shown below:

3. This will display the Radial menu on the right side and the list of commands on the left side in the form of a tree view with commands grouped similarly to those on the Ribbon.

4. In the pull-down list for “Choose commands from” select “Macros”

5. This will display the Browse button at the bottom of the list:

6. Click the Browse... button at the bottom of the list and navigate to the folder where you saved the downloaded apps.

Don’t pick any file yet. Click OK

In newer versions of Solid Edge a modern folder picker dialog will appear:

Browse to the folder. But application .exe files will not be displayed.
Click the Select Folder button.

This will list all macros from the folder in the Customize dialog.

7. Drag a app filename from the list on the left and drop into an existing slot on the Radial Menu on the right. This will replace the existing command in that slot with the app.

8. After dropping, the icon for the app will be displayed in the radial menu slot.

To display an icon for the app in the radial menu, an image file with the same name as the app exe file should be present in the same folder as the apps folder as shown below:

The image can be of size 24 x 24 or 32 x 32 preferably a PNG file with transparent background.

image Every Solid Edge app from comes with its image file in the zip download.

Within the Customize dialog, If you hover the mouse over the slot in the radial menu, it shows the full path of the app. This will help you later to find the location of the folder of an app you added to the radial menu.

image If you have stored apps in different folders, repeat from step (6) to add each app to the radial menu.

The radial menu does not differentiate between Solid Edge Apps and other exe files.
If you browse to the Windows folder and drop the Notepad.exe or calc.exe into the radial menu slot, it will be added without any problems and the notepad or calculator application will also start from the radial menu.

image When using the radial menu in Solid Edge if you keep the right-moue button pressed and move the cursor over a slot containing an app and hover the mouse cursor for a while without letting go, it will display the full path of the app as shown above.
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