Saturday 2 December 2017

Assign a Keyboard Shortcut For An App

Before assigning a keyboard shortcut to an app, the app should be added either to the Ribbon Bar, Quick Access Toolbar or the Radial Menu.

Read how you can add an app to the:

• Quick Access Toolbar

To assign a keyboard shortcut for an app, folow these steps:

1. Right click on any button on the Ribbon and select Customize the Ribbon... from the context menu that appears.


Or, from the Solid Edge title bar, click the Customize button which appears as a small arrow pointing down and select Customize... from the menu.


3. Take the Keyboard tab:

4. From the list for 'Choose commands from' select Macro


5. All currently assigned macros will be listed. Pick the macro to assign a keyboard shortcut. Select a modifier i.e. the key combination from the list and then type-in the key.

6. Also specify if this keyboard shortcut is applicable for the current environment or for all environments viz. Part, Draft, Sheetmetal and Assembly.

image Note : The current environment is not the one open in Solid Edge currently but the one selected from the list called 'Environment to customize' at the top of the Customize dialog.

7. Click Close and the Yes in the prompt for saving the current theme. The keyboard assignment will work only for the current theme and not for all themes.

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