Sunday 3 December 2017

Solid Edge App - Revision Notes

Introduction: The Revision Notes app can be used to mark places on a drawing that
have been revised. In Solid Edge, Revision Notes can be created through a convenient floating dialog invoked from a ribbon bar to convert circles or curves into revision clouds to which a text note can be attached.

1. Create a circle or closed curve in the drawing.

2. Launch the Revision Notes app by clicking its button on the Solid Edge ribbon bar.

3. A dialog appears. Type in the revision note.

Note: Current date and time can also be automatically inserted.

4. Select the circle or curve in the drawing.

Note: The dialog remains floating on the screen as you pick the curve/circle.

5. Click the Create Revision Note button.

6. Revision Note is created.

Editing a Revision Note:

1. Click the Revision Note tool from the ribbon bar and pick a revision note in the drawing to edit.

2. Click the Edit Revision Note button to extract the underlying curve/circle of the revision cloud.

3. Modify the curve/circle in the drawing and the arc size or note in the dialog.

4. Select the modified curve/circle if not selected and click the Create button. The revision cloud is updated with the new arc size and note.

Viewing a Revision Note:

Text associated with a Revision Note can be viewed by selecting the Revision Note in the
drawing and clicking the View Revision Note button in the dialog.

“Revision Notes are fully associative with their underlying geometry and can be edited.”

    Note: This is a paid app.

For prices and a quote, write to:

or  call:
+91 9890 611 694

Follow these tutorials to run this app from:
3. Quick Access Toolbar

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