Tuesday 14 November 2017

Solid Edge Video Quick Tip #061

Do you have a STEP/IGES file imported into the part environment and find it oriented wrong ?
Is the top view is actually front of the part and need a way to rectify this and get the model in the desired orientation ?

This is possible and quite easy to do in the Solid Edge Synchronous environment. 
Window select the entire model and rotate using the steering wheel, if required multiple times until you get the required orientation.

Look at prompts at the bottom of the Solid Edge screen for ways to re-orient the model, if necessary.

  1. Use Shift+Click on the blue transparent plate in the middle of the Steering Wheel to reorient it.
  2. Hold down Shift to maintain the orientation of the Steering Wheel and then drag the origin of the imported model to snap to Base Coordinate System to rotate about the center of the model.
The following video shows how to reorient the model using the Steering Wheel:

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