Thursday 23 November 2017

Solid Edge Video Quick Tip#062

To find which Solid Edge version created a particular file you will need ST9 or higher which has BiDM or Builtin Data Management.

Follow these steps:
1. Open Windows Explorer.
2. From the menu select View - Details.
3. Right click on any column header and select More... from the context menu.
4. Scroll in the list and check ON 'SE Version'.
5. Click OK
6. You can also drag the column header to reorder the column.
7. Click the 'SE Version' column header once to sort the list of files according to the version of Solid Edge.

Here's the interpretation: means Solid Edge V20 means Solid Edge ST6 means Solid Edge ST9 means Solid Edge ST10

The following video illustrates the steps:

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