Tuesday 11 February 2014

Solid Edge SheetMetal Workshop 4

...from Part 3

Step 12 :

Save the sheetmetal part from this workshop.
Get help from your lab instructor on how to save the part to your own folder in the computer.

Summary of Workshop 1

In this workshop you have learnt :
  1. How to start the Solid Edge sheetmetal environment.
  2. How to create a basic sheetmetal stock part.
  3. How to create a flange in a sheetmetal part.
  4. How to modify the bend angle of a flange.
[ End of Workshop ]

Bending and Deep Drawing of Sheetmetal Part

Step 1 :

Open clip_image002 the sheetmetal stock part you created in Workshop – I
In the menu bar, click Tools > Edgebar to display the Edgebar if it is not already visible.


Observe that Solid Edge keeps a record of all operations that you have done in creating the stock part.

Step 2 :

Select the Flange 1 entry in the Edgebar.
The flange highlights in the graphics area.
Press the <Delete> key on the keyboard.
The flange is now removed and only the Tab 1 is left.

Step 3 :

Click the Bend clip_image006 command.
Click on the top face of the sheetmetal part as shown in figure below :


The top face is highlighted in red.

Step 4 :

Click the Line clip_image010 command and click on the left edge of the part for start point of the bendline as shown in figure below :


Part 5...

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