Saturday 15 February 2014

Solid Edge SheetMetal Workshop 6

...from Part 5

Step 8 :

The Drawn Cutout is now made as shown below.
Note the automatic creation of the rounds where the part bends.


Summary of Workshop

In this workshop you have learnt :
  1. How to delete operations on sheetmetal parts.
  2. How to bend a sheetmetal stock part.
  3. How to create a deep drawn sheetmetal part.
[ End of WorkShop  ]

Development of the Cylindrical Sheetmetal Part

Step 1 :

Open the Workshop3.psm sheetmetal file.
Get help from your lab instructor on how to open the file on your computer.
As you can see there is an arc of 359 degrees already sketched.
Click the Contour Flange clip_image004 command and select the.arc.
Press <Enter> or click the right mouse button (RMB) to go to next step.
As shown below, indicate the arrow in the outward direction.


Step 2 :

Indicate direction and height as shown below :


Step 3 :

The part will be created as shown below :


You can change the height of the cylinder by clicking the mouse on the green dimension that appears automatically.

Step 4 :
Click the UnBend clip_image012 command and click the vertical edge as shown below :


Part 7...

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