Monday 17 February 2014

Solid Edge SheetMetal Workshop 7

...from Part 6

Step 5 :

Click the cylinder again and Press <Enter> on the keyboard or click the right mouse button (RMB) to go to next step.

Click the Preview button in the upper-left corner of the screen.
The development of the cylindrical part will appear as shown below.


Summary of Workshop 3

In this workshop you have learnt :
1 How to open existing sheetmetal part.
2 How to use existing sketches to create parts
3 How to unfold sheetmetal parts.

[ End of WorkShop 3 ]

Workshop 4
Development of Conical Sheetmetal Part

Step 1 :

Open the Workshop4.psm sheetmetal file.
Get help from your lab instructor on how to open the file on your computer.
As you can see there is a conical sheetmetal part already prepared.


Step 2 :

Click the Normal Cutout clip_image006 command and select the vertical plane as below :


Step 3 :

Create a rectangle and then Click the Finish button.


Step 4 :

Drag the mouse cursor and click to indicate the extent of the hole outside the cone as shown in figure below :


Step 5 :

Again click Finish in the upper left corner to create the rectangular cut.


Part 8...

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