Monday 7 September 2015

Solid Edge Custom Tables Service

‘Solid Edge Custom Tables’ is both a product and a service from CADVertex Solutions.

  • Do you wish more custom columns be added to your Parts List?
  • Do you wish you could add calculated data like cost to each part in a Parts List?
  • Do you want your own custom tables like a Sheet Names Table to quickly look up drawing contents or Excel to Solid Edge Table?
  • Do you want to Import Excel Tables into Solid Edge sheet as a Table instead of an image?

Solid Edge Custom Tables is the answer!!


Solid Edge Custom Tables by CADVertex Solutions is offered in two parts:

1. Free Programs: like the Sheet Names Table or Excel To Solid Edge Table.

2. Paid Programs: The Cost Table program which is a paid service.

The Cost Table Generator is a sample program that creates a table in Solid Edge Draft with user-specified columns. The application of the program is for example in calculating the total cost of a SPM or special purpose machine which is calculated based on the total weight or mass of the parts.

The program analyzes an assembly model from its Drawing View on the Draft Sheet and prompts for a rate of machining or the weight.

The program then extracts the mass and quantity of each part in the assembly and calculates the cost of each part. It then creates a table with the Quantity, Mass and Cost columns.

Any additional columns can be added as required. For e.g. Item No., Part No., Part Description, Vendor, etc.



The Sheet Names Table program is a offered for free whereas all other programs are paid programs and are offered as Solid Edge customization services.


The Custom Table Generator program can be seamlessly integrated with the Solid Edge ribbon interface:


To order a trial: write to

or Fill the Form on the CADVertex website:

Order any type of Custom Table Generator Program which displays any Solid Edge data in the columns - as per your company requirements.

See a video of the Cost Table Generator program here.


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