Saturday 19 January 2019

Solid Edge App - Show or Hide Surfaces

This little app toggles the display of the surfaces generated by the Extract command on the Reverse Engineering tab on the ribbon bar.

Background and usage:

When you bring in scanned data into Solid Edge in the form of an STL file, the Automatic command on the Reverse Engineering tab colors the various regions and further the Extract command creates various types of surfaces automatically, in huge numbers:

1. Planar
2. Spherical
3. Conical
4. BSpline
5. Cylindrical

It becomes cumbersome to show/hide these surfaces manually, specifically when you want to hide all surfaces of one type, say Spherical, or just the BSpline surfaces.

This free macro from helps you quickly toggle the display of each type of surfaces with one click.

Below is the page with the download link and the explainer video:

[Download the 3rd app in the 7th bunch or search for show/hide surfaces on that page]

1. There are absolutely no error or conditional checks included in the macro.
2. It is presumed that you have not renamed the surfaces in the Pathfinder.
3. The checkboxes are all ON initially and do not mean all surface types too are visible in Solid Edge.

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