Thursday 14 November 2019

Solid Edge App: Separate Sheets to Drawings

This app makes copies of the currently open Solid Edge Draft equal to the number of sheets in the draft and names the new drawings named as below

and so on...

For example, if a Solid Edge Draft file called Carrier.dft has the following sheets then the files created are:

Each drawing has only one sheet from the original drawing and all other sheets are deleted.

Thus the sheets in original drawings are separated into individual drawings.

1. Open a Draft document in Solid Edge.
2. Run the app.

3. A prompt appears informing you of the number of drawings that will be created and asks to proceed.

4. The app generates the drawings and informs when the operation is finished.


1. You should have at least 2 sheets in the Draft file.
2. The Draft document should be saved before running the app.
3. You are prompted before and after running the app.

25_thumb3_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb_th[2] Download the app from here:

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