Thursday 10 October 2019

Solid Edge App - Open Part from PartsList

This app opens parts and assemblies from a PartsList in a Solid Edge Draft file.


1. Select a PartsList in a Solid Edge Draft document.
2. Run the app.
3. A dialog opens with a list of all filenames from the PartList.

4. Select a file in the list and click the Open button at the bottom of the dialog.bulbtip.pngNotes:

1. You can also double-click on a filename on the list to open in Solid Edge.
2. The dialog is sizable to accommodate long file names.
3. Dialog always remains on top of all applications including Solid Edge but can be minimized.
25_thumb3_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb_th[2] Download the app from here:
[See the 4th app in the 7th bunch or search for Open From PartsList on that page]
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