Monday 23 December 2019

Solid Edge App: Convert Files from Command Line

This Solid Edge app is a command-line utility that imports all supported file formats from a specified folder into Solid Edge using a specified template.

This app does not have a user interface nor is it a console application.
The executable should be run from the command line with the following arguments:

Argument 1: Input Folder.

Argument 2: Folder Option, "0"=Top Folder Only, "1"=Include SubFolders.

Argument 3: File Type i.e. Import Format, for e.g. "DWG"
Note: DO NOT use wildcards like "*.DWG" or "?.DWG"

Argument 4: The Solid Edge Template to be used.
Note: Specify the full path with filename and extension.

Example Usages:

The following will convert all DWG files from the folder C:\Testfolder AND its sub-folders and save them as Solid Edge Draft documents.

ImportToSE.exe "C:\TestFolder" "1" "DWG" "G:\Program Files\Solid Edge 2019\Template\ISO Metric\iso metric draft.dft"

The following will convert all X_T i.e. Parasolid files from the folder C:\Testfolder BUT NOT from its sub-folders and save them as Solid Edge Part documents.

ImportToSE.exe "C:\TestFolder" "0" "x_T" "G:\Program Files\Solid Edge 2019\Template\ISO Metric\iso metric part.par"

Once the parameters are found to be correct, the program displays the progress at the command line as below:

1. Run the utility from the folder where the executable is saved.
2. The program does not prompt to overwrite files since Solid Edge alerts are suppressed.
3. The program checks if the input folder and the template exits.
4. The program also checks if there are any files in the specified folder of the specified type.
5. The program also checks if all required arguments are given.
6. The program DOES NOT check if the specified import format is supported in Solid Edge.

7. Solid Edge should be running.
8. All documents in Solid Edge should be closed.

For any customization or additional options, 
kindly write to [Tushar Dot Suradkar At Gmail Dot Com]

How to use:
1. Download the zip file in the link below.
2. Unzip files to a folder.
3. Call the file ImportToSE.exe from the folder from the command line.

  25_thumb3_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb_th[2] Download the app from here:

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