Sunday 17 May 2015

Solid Edge Batch View Update

When parts and assemblies are modified, the associated drawings need to be updated. This happens automatically when the Draft file is opened.

When several, many times hundreds, of such models have changed, it becomes cumbersome and time consuming to update views in each Draft document.

This Batch View Update program for Solid Edge does this automatically. The UI is as below:

Below is a brief description of each button:
help Help: Click this button to read overall help and function of each button.
folder2 Folder: Click this button to display the Folder Browser dialog which lets you pick a folder containing Draft files. If the folder contains other files, they are filtered out. Also any duplicate files that are already in the list are filtered out.
You can click this button several times to include Draft files from several folders.
Include Sub-folders check box: Check this ON to specify that you want to also pick files from the sub-folders of the specified folder.

file1  Files: Click this to display a File Open dialog that allows picking multiple files using the Shift and Control buttons and also by dragging.
You can click the button several times to include Draft files from several locations.
19  Note: You can drag and drop files from the Windows Explorer into the files listbox. Non Draft files are automatically filtered out and also duplicates are removed.
deleteicon Remove Files: Click this button to remove any un-wanted files from the list which need not be processed. You can pick files in the list using the shift and Control buttons and by dragging a window.
updateb  Begin Update: Click to start the batch view update process.
stop  Stop: Click this button repeatedly until a message is displayed.


25_thumb3_thumb_thumb_thumb_thumb_th[2] Download the Solid Edge Batch View Update and its source code from here.

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Batch View Update
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